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I really enjoyed your performance at Puijo church in Kuopio! I wish I will someday have a chance to see the quartet again. Spasiba!
Your concert tonight at Pusula church was honey to my ears and to my soul. Thank you! You are wonderful.
I’ve been listening to your concerts several times in the Valaam Monastery in Heinävesi. Now I wanted to hear you singing also folk songs, so I drove 60 km to the Leppävirta church. And yes, it was worth that driving, would have been worth even a much longer driving!
Again, a fabulous concert in Valamo Monastery (Finland). It´s exquisite that we get you here so often!
My soul is mended of your music,
Тысячи благодарностей за концерт в церкви Сиилинъярви. Удивительное пение и такие красивые голоса! Ты отличный. Вы также продали свой диск дешевле, потому что у меня не хватило денег. Очень добрый!
Tracey Thekla Rolandelli,
It was so nice to have you sing at St. John's in Berkeley last Sunday. So many of us look forward to your California visit! Thank you!
Mari, Satu and Berit,
Thank you for singing at Valamo Finland every summer!
You are the highlight of our yearly icon painting course.
You know us, your true fans for several years :-)
I was in attendance at an absolutely wonderful concert for the Annual Russian Festival held at the Russian Cultural Center in San Francisco on 19 February 2017. The Konevets Quartet is at the top of its game and seems to sing effortlessly and without distraction, with poise and grace, performing music it loves to an audience who loved it as well. I was so moved that I purchased two of their CDs, which the Quartet graciously autographed. Do not miss their performance if they come to your town!!
A fabulous concert and a beautiful venue - St. Innocent Orthodox Church of Eureka. Seated comfortably 60 people with a few more added. The musicians were delightful and sang with their hearts and faith. The folk music was exciting and told stories of different times in Russia's history. I wouldn't miss this concert when they return to our little church.
Can't wait to see you all in California next week. I heard some of your samples online. How great! Music for the soul.
Sub-Deacon Michael,
WOW - How wonderful they were! Their music was loud, exciting and full of positive energy and enthusiasm. Their hearts full of love and compassion. They were true Professionals. Even though they were so tired after an exciting weekend at the St. Vladimir - Ann Arbor Russian Festival, they still came to help out our little Orthodox Mission Parish, and we are Truly Grateful. God Bless these wonderful advocates of our Faith and Culture!!!
Thank you for the wonderful liturgy and the concert at Palo Alto church.
Even though the acoustics is not great at all (if not to say more) in the church dinner hall, everybody was really touched. And our family really enjoys records we purchased. Absolutely stunning! Please keep Californians posted when you are going to be back!

Thank you for your consert on Orthodox Church of Vaasa @ 16.3.2015.
Noni Plasichuk,
I want to thank you for your magnificent performance on the 7th & 8th of February at the second Annual Russian Festival, hosted by Holy Ascension Russian Orthodox Church in Sacramento, CA! Your voices are beautiful and uplifting. I am enjoying the "Kalinka" CD that you recommended to me. I look forward to the opportunity to see you perform again. God bless you.
Matushka Marianna,
I can't say enough about how wonderful it was to have the Konevets Quartet here. We had so many parishioners who had the time of their life and/or were in tears because of all of the memories that this concert brought back.

Many of the older generation learned how to sing in choirs in prison came in Germany when they were children. They made up the choir here in Rockford and this year marks 50 years since THEIR big tour. We put together a special poster and gave it to the surviving members framed. They sang Mnohaya Lita together with the Konevets Quartet and it was truly beautiful.

I asked our oldest parishioner, who is 93 and gave birth to her youngest daughter in the barracks, if she enjoyed the concert. She told me "oh yes.. It brought me back to the old country" I couldn't see, but I was told she sang along with the entire concert.

Our parishioners have such a rich history, and do not have opportunities to celebrate their culture like they once did in their prime. This concert really brought a piece of that back for many of them and I know it was especially moving for that generation.

So really, thank you, thank you, thank you for coming the Rockford. I know this was certainly not the biggest or most glamorous of venues, but it meant the world to our parishioners.
Thank you for the beautiful concert in Otrada (New York) last week.
And thank you for your work in spreading the beauty of Russian church music to the rest of the world.
Mahtava konsertti! Terveiset Iisalmesta.
Thanks for you wonderful concert in Tornio. Thank you all.
Mary E. Lanser,
Everyone in the world should hear the Konevets Quartet, up close and personal!!__Still half-way to heaven from your concert last evening at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in State College, PA. The first Orthodox CD that I ever bought was by a small group of four rather young men [in 1997] from St. Petersburg, Russia. I was young then too! I remember. And in their chant I heard melodies that I was singing in my Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church and it was then that a great personal odyssey began and reached a high point yesterday during the divine liturgy when 'old friends' suddenly became the choir. My heart goes with you all. God bless you and your families and your work!....Mary
jef and walai,
thanks for your so nice concert voices in new valamo finland, we enjoyed to heard your performance and hope to can listen again to you in real asap