Konevets Quartet  

Past Events

Mar.-Apr. 2019Finland
Jan. 2019Siberia
Nov.-Dec. 2018Finland
Apr.-May 2018Finland
Feb. 2018Konevets Quartet US 2018 Concert Tour (California)
10 Nov. 201725th anniversary in Small Philharmonic Hall (St Petersburg)
Mar. 2015Finland
Jan.-Feb. 2015Konevets Quartet US 2015 Concert Tour (California)
Mar.-Apr. 2014Finland
Nov.-Dec. 2013US Holiday Tour of New England and Eastern Seaboard
Feb.-Mar. 2013Finland
Nov. 2012Сharity tour for victims of the earthquake in Eastern Japan
Jan.–Feb. 2012Finland
Oct.-Nov. 2011United States tour
Jun. 2011Serenade Choral Festival (Washington DC, USA)
3 Apr. 2011Небо и земля (Абакан)
15 Jan.–8 Feb. 2011 Finland
Aug. 201010th choir Festival and Competition Singing World. Laureates (St. Petersburg)
May 2010Detroit
Feb. 2010Uspensky Cathedral (Helsinki, Finland)
Nov. 2009Murthly Castle (Scotland)
Apr. 20098 Concerts in Saente Chapelle (Paris)
Feb. 200830th Russian Festival (San Francisco, USA)
Mar. 2006Barokkimusiikkia Festival (Helsinki, Finland)
Jul. 2006Dumfries & Galloway Festival (Scotland)
Jul. 20057th Choir Festival in Ilomantsi (Finland)
Jun. 2005Kymijoen Lohisoitto Festival (Kotka, Finland)
Feb. 200428th Russian Festival (San Francisco, USA)
2003-2004Greene Memorial Fine Arts Series (Roanoke, USA)
Sep. 2003Septembre musical de l’Orne (France)
Mar. 2003Spivey Hall (Atlanta, USA)
2003Music at Christ Church (Pensacola, USA)
Dec. 2002Concerto di Natale (Biella, Italy)
Oct. 2002Omagh Arts Festival (Ireland)
Jul. 2002Bomba Festival (Finland)
Feb. 200227th Russian Festival (San Francisco, USA)
Nov. 2002Wallace Collection (London, England)
July 2002Bomba Festival (Nurmes, Finland)
May 2001Charitable concert for Konevets Monastery (Konevets Island, Russia)
Savigliano Festival (Italy)
Apr. 2001Unated Nations (New York)
Jan. 2001II A Capella Festival (St Petersburg, Russia)
July 2000Music in Quiet Places (Lincolnshire, England)
Fishguard Festival (Wales)
July 2000Carlisle Festival (England)
May 2000Novara (Italy)
Apr. 2000Eglise Saint-Louis-en-l'lle (Paris, France)
Feb. 2000Uspensky Cathedral (Helsinki, Finland)
26th Russian Festival (San Francisco, USA)
Jan. 2000A Capella Festival (St Petersburg, Russia)
25th Dec. 1999Piazza San Pietro (BBC, Roma, Italy)
June 1999Chelsea Festival (London, England)
Apr. 1999Incontri Corali Festival (Alba, Italy)
Dec. 1998Cathedral di Napoli (Napoli, Italy)
May 1998Brighton Festival (England)
Warwick Early Music Festival (England)
Jan. 1998Notti Magiche (Siracusa, Italy)
Aug. 1997Pontlevoy Festival (France)
July 1997Les Promenades musicales du Pays d'Auge (France)
Sept. 1996Cambridge Festival (England)
Septembre musical de l’Orne (France)
Aug. 1996Saint-Malo Festival (France)
July 1996 Falkenberg Festival (Sweden)
Falsterbonasets Festival (Sweden)
March 1996Charitable concert for Amnesty International (Paris, France)
Sept. 1995Cambridge Festival (England)
Cardiff Festival (England)
Sept. 1995Windsor Festival (England)
3 concerts on the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord (by Peter Brook, Paris)
Sept. 1994Salisbury Festival (England)
Rye Festival (England)
Aug. 1994Meymac Festival (France)
Reims Festival (France)

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